Acorns 2-3 years Nursery Pre School Rushden, Northamptonshire

‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’

This NEW play room is a base for the toddlers attending Tots & Juniors Nursery and Pre School in Rusden.

Planning is carefully carried out, feeding from the children’s interests and imaginations. This is to ensure this age group hold opportunities to learn and develop at their own pace, whilst having much fun and adventure along the way.

The benefit of having a base room of their own, is that the 2 year olds are able to experience activities focusing on their age and ability.  But whilst having fun with friends of the same age, they are also given the opportunity to mix with the Pre School children at certain times of the day.  We believe this not only builds on confidence, but it allows the children to develop more advanced skills by learning from peers of an older age range.

Outdoors is set up as an extended classroom, so children can choose to when they wish to venture to the playground without missing out on any learning experiences.

Our log cabin and all weather proof outfits allow us to go out in all weathers!

After fueling up their cars and trikes, off they ride, taking care to stop at the zebra crossing and ‘go go go, when the traffic lights turn green!  So many different toys and equipment to explore at our Nursery and Pre School!

We are a very creative setting, messy play, dancing and singing are always enjoyed.  You can always hear a song or a whistle somewhere in the room!

We are very excited about our NEW sensory area ‘SENSA SPACE’


Tots & Juniors team are aware that by stimulating the senses, signals are then sent to the children’s brains, strengthening all types of learning.  This is why our newly created corner, including a sensory house, is a great experience for our little ones.

With different textures, colours, lights, sounds, scents and tastes, all the children’s senses can be challenged.  Textile footplates can be walked on and hands can be place in the feely bags.  Lots of exploring can be carried out within this space.

Covering all areas of the curriculum, ‘Sensa Space’ is a fantastic area to be explored by all the children in our Nursery and Pre School.

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NEW to Tots & Juniors

‘MUSICANA’ more info here


Monthly music classes starting March 2014.

Taught by fully trained music professionals.

Using a variety of music and props, the children can sing, dance and play instruments to their favourite songs.

This is a really fun session for our two year olds, allowing them to explore in sound and movement, and build social skills.

‘Barnaby Bear’


The children look forward to taking Tots & Juniors friend ‘Barnaby Bear’ home with them for the night.  And upon their return the children may choose to tell peers about their experience and show the photos of the time shared with Barnaby

Barnaby has also got a suitcase and a passport… he looks forward to going with your child on their next holiday!


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Emma – Manager

Hello. I’m Emma, and I’m the manager of Early Years (Acorns and Oaks).  I started off working at TJ’s as a student 7 years ago and have never left! Working with children is always something which I wanted to do from being a child myself, so from leaving school I went to college to train for my level 3 qualification.  Now at a level 5, I am currently doing an early year’s foundation degree.  I look forward to each morning, ready to start a new day, learn something new and move forward in development with the children.





Danielle – Level 3 Nursery Nurse and Let them be two trained

Hello.  I have been working here at TJ’s for 3 years as a Nursery Nurse within the Pre School.  I really enjoy watching and supporting the children in building new skills. I have always known that working with children is the career for me!







Sophie – Level 3 Nursery Nurse and Playwork Assistant

Hello. I have always wanted to work with children and began working at TJ’s as a student.  I then became bank staff which helped me to move onto becoming a Nursery Nurse and now I am also training up to be a Playworker. It is a pleasure to come into work in the morning.  I enjoy watching the children grow into individuals and supporting them in their learning and development.


Call us on 01933 383629 for more information and to discuss further, we look forward to hearing from you