Oaks 3-5 years Pre School Rushden, Northamptonshire

‘Great things come from small beginnings’

The Oaks room provides a variety of fun experiences with the opportunity for children to boost their independence and confidence.

Careful planning focuses on ensuring every child achieves to the best of their ability within each area of the curriculum. This is achieved by extending on the children’s  interests and staff building strong relationships with the children and joining in with play when appropriate to do so.  We believe children learn best when happy, confident and fully engaged in an activity.

The Oaks room is a base for the 3 -5 year old.  This has been created in order to give the children a good balance… Children are able to spend time participating in age appropriate activities and experiences for their individual level of understanding, in preparation for school, yet still have times of the day when they can mix with friends from the Acorns (2 – 3 years), encouraging social skills and a caring, considerate nature.

Free flow outdoor play is run allowing children to access our top playground at all times.

With large outdoor play areas, the children have plenty of space to try out our bikes and scooters, grow their own food in our vegetable patch or let their imaginations run wild in the ‘role play’ log cabin. Some however, may just prefer to chill out on our cozy area or get arty with the paint people and chalk boards! Tots and Juniors garden really does bring learning outdoors in all weathers.

Pre School and Out of School in Rushden

We have always received compliments here at Tots & Juniors, on the strong communication we hold with parents/carers. Staff will tell you about your child’s day, what they have enjoyed, experienced, achieved and eaten.

Parent involvement sessions are also held, where we give you the option to join us for group reading, cooking or art.



NEW – Tots & Juniors have introduced a Pre School uniform

Jade green polo

Red sweatshirt or cardigan

Jade green bookbag

Our aims are:

  • Children to become used to wearing a uniform each day, before starting school
  • Children to develop ‘pride in appearance’ and a sense of belonging.
  • Easier identification whilst out on trips
  • Ease for parents, having a low cost option which washes well.

Uniforms can be purchased online at My Clothing

NEW PE Lessons

Mulit Skills is now part of the Pre Schools weekly routine. The benefits of regular exercise are vitally important for your child’s health and development, and by introducing it into a child’s routine at a young age, we believe will have a positive effect in all aspects of development.

Patrick Franks from Pro Soccer Academy, is FA qualified, CRB registered and holds relevant first aid and child protection certification. Lessons are delivered in a fun, exciting way and are proving to be a big hit with our 3 – 5 year olds!

There is the option to buy a uniform and PE bag for this please follow this link

Experience Bag

In the Oaks room children are able to take home an ‘Experience Bag’ for the weekend.  This bag is full of everything required to c